A kriya of yogis


We had an evening of Yogis here last night. It was delightful and amusing. There was lots of laughing, but also moments of reall bliss. We did a fantastic meditation at the end to a piece of music that I know really well, but had never truly heard before. I was transported completely and have much respect for the musicians. It was a delight.

Otherwise the years is tumbling to an end. Will there be a huge finale or just a small squeak? I love the news recently that the chances of a terror attack before Christmas are extremely high. That will really help the economy. That will really get people out in their droves to buy presents and generally make merry. I know they still go out, but it always seems to be in search of oblivion rather than for pleasure and delight.

I would like a survey done as to how many people are aware of the climate of fear that is wrapped around us every day. The statistics on CCTV are truly frightening. The number of new offences created by labour now means that we are a nation of potential hooligans at every turn. There is no espcape. Our every move, moment, action is watched. And who are the sad shits who sit there and trawl through it all? There must be swathes of people out there who did not get enough love somewhere that now all they are is traffic wardens and people who monitor CCTV cameras outputtings.

We were discussing the joys of maintaining class numbers as a yoga teacher last night. Maybe teaching traffic wardens compassion could be a calling for some. Or pelvic floor exercises to suicide bombers to ground them ito this existence. I have, in moments of absurditity, tried to imagine how you brainwash someone into believing that hundreds of smiling virgins are lying in wait for them in heaven if they blow up a load of unbelievers. That must be quite a sales talk.

Horrid, I know, but these things must be thought about. We are all headed to oblivion of some sort or other. It just depends on the semantics of the words. What do you beleive in? Is watching other people living their lives enough, and that is not just on CCTV, that is also on TV. Big brother. Celebrities in their emryonic stages, showing their arses, metaphorically, and becoming stars because they do. Charming. Or Utube. Become famous just because you are on the computer screen.

The whimper of another year ending. May be the bang, if there is one will wake us all up. A good shaking is needed. The numbness is scary.