It is not that I have no enthusiasm for weblog, it is just a serious time issue.
I currently have had my assistant sitting at my desk for the past four days. It drives me nuts after a while, not being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it. He is doing a fine job, he always does, but that and the new meditation that HAS to be done every day means time is compressed. We are doing a 40 day prosperity event. It is going well. Working just as it should.

The past few days have been spent in full-on photographic mode. 70 still life images for the finalising of the vegetarian cooking DVD, and then a 6 page fashion shoot for Yoga Magazine. The house has been turned upside down. Slowly it is being restored to it’s usual mess, but it affects my state of mind, when all is turmoil. At least all of the pictures look good, so it is worth the upheaval.

My birthday was delightful, a calm day, in the middle of all the chaos. How I managed it, I am not so sure, but I spent time being still and thinking about all that needed doing in the future, painting two cabinets in the garden. It was freezing cold, but sunny and invigorating. The patience and concentration on the task of transformation was good. The colours are great and will look good in the shop.

The shop is slower than I want, but I know it will gather it’s self into being quite quickly once the shuttering is in. Bloody shuttering. It is torture. Why is it such torture. I am trying to work out if it is a karmic thing? Am I being punished for something, perhaps? I wonder what it could be? Whatever it is I am sorry, Universe. Hopefully it will now clear.

Patience. I lack patience right now. I have peaked with nits. I thought I had got rid of them on Louis, only to then get then myself. Weeks later I still have the odd one and immediatly rush to the bath to drown them. Louis came back from a friend’s house today with his head filled with them. Totally filled. Crawling everywhere. Does he not notice? or is he like me? Hoping so desperately for them to be gone that he refuses to acknowledge their existence? The things we pass on to our children…..