Yoga for Pregnancy


Yoga Magazine. 2005.

Yoga for Pregnancy

My experience over the last 8 years as a Kundalini Yoga teacher has been that many new students’ first entry into yoga is through pregnancy. Somehow there is a primal need for a connection, to the Divine, to the Universe, and seeking out a pregnancy class is the easiest way to make that link. Of course there are the physical reasons for doing yoga during pregnancy, but there are a raft of other opportunities for satisfying this, including Pilates and swimming. There is something about the idea of yoga that draws pregnant women.

I have taught yoga for Conscious Pregnancy since 1998. Over the years the classes have transformed into a very fulfilling time for the women. They have led the changes by their needs, which are not for unusual positions, but for a safe place to talk, to express their deepest fears and insecurities. It has been a fascinating time, and many changes have occurred in me, my attitude and the way I teach. (I am also qualified as an Active Birth teacher so can explain all the technical stuff, but most women now do National Childbirth Trust classes, so they have little of this aspect of the teaching from me.)

I suppose it does not sound much like a yoga class at all, but there is a lot of yoga, quite strenuous yoga done in this time.
The word yoga means union, the union with your Soul. The Higher energy of the Universe, the Divine, God, is the groom and your soul is the bride. As the relationship takes place on this level, if it taken beyond the purely physical body stretches into a deep relationship between your soul and the Divine, then it makes sense that women who are carrying the next generation, who are moving through the everyday world with the soul of their child inside them, it makes sense that they need to talk. In yogic awareness of women and men in relation and especially before intimate relations, the woman always needs to talk, to express herself, to unload her unconscious mind. From there she is free and available. If we move this reality into the arena of the yoga class, the union then becomes a deep and fulfilling relationship. A real union, with the unnecessary cleared away, allowing the intimacy and soul connection to flourish. The result of this is a deeply satisfying 90 minutes, bathing the Mother in an awareness of her place in the world and the realms of the future that goes way beyond the needs of the 21st century and all it’s technology and allows for much more purpose in the pain of labour. It is time spent in teaching about the awareness she can bring to her pregnancy and going through the physical act of yoga to remove the blocks and resistances to this union. The meditation at the end becomes a powerful way to connect to the soul of the child, her soul and the grace and power of the universe.