Sitting in a shop


I am there, sitting in a shop.
It is an interersting experience. It looks wonderful. We have all done a great job of putting everything together, and in the build-up to owning our own space “forever”, it is a good step. I have found myself re-thinking my ideas about how to do the one we have taken, and want to have time in it before committing financially to rails and fittings on a permanent basis. This is for several reasong, one of them very financial.
There are quiet times, and times I long to be doing something more physical, but mainly it is a pleasure. The people who come in are really interesting and sometimes it is hard to tear away from one conversation to serve a new person and start again. Today I will take a book or computer to be able to read or write whilst there when it is silent.
It has been a big build-up to this, and I must confess to wanting it busier, but I think there were lots of local craft fairs yesterday, which would have swallowed all kinds of Dulwich folk. Friends are really supportive and that is so great.

The trip to India is only a few days away now, just over three weeks, and I am so looking forward to being there with the whole family. I get very nostalgic when I think about the country and could happily move there immediatly, but I will not because I want to wait til the children are older. It is stressful, there is no way around that reality. It is the next step in the future, coming closer and closer. I imagine I will not get there until my mid-fifties, but that gives me time to get a whole load of stuff done here……