Why not


Swathes, waves, armies, washes, epiphanies and arms full of experience that does not translate into weblog.

I could apologise, and have frequently done so in the past, but my recent experiences have been of such magnitude on the learning curve that is life, that I feel absolutely no need to explain anything.

Between friends and lovers there is much that is said, disclosed and
shown, but there are mountainous ranges of feelings, thoughts, reactions, experiences and behaviours that we never disclose to another, and sometime we hide ourselves, too, from our internal reality, using coping mechanisms, stories and addictions to mask the fear, pain, and loss.

I have done none of these things recently. I am a breath away from 17 years sober and have given up coffee except on Fridays when it is an important part of a potent experience. I am working hard and running has its place but us not an obsession.

I have not been able to express so much of what is happening to and around me for ages. But perhaps the curve is leveling out and softening into a more human and mundane life that moves easily onto weblog. I will, at the end of the MBS experience, write again.