What if Hitler had gone to Art College


This was a question that came up recently. It led to an interesting discussion on choice. Quite a thought provoking question, I feel.
He applied, but did not get in. Consequences. Consequences.

I ran again today. It is going well. I ran around Battersea Park in 21 minutes, with three stops on the way to catch breath. It was wonderful. Empty, silent but for the loud hum of the generators at the Flower Show being set up on the other side of the river. The sound carries very loudly over the water. But Louis, Deirdre and I made our way around with a glorious sense of the summer coming, everything in full bloom and a very real sense of achievement. T’was fab.

Life here is gearing up to the Mind Body Spirit Show that starts next Wednesday. Such preparations, forward thinking, pre ordering and packing. It is the biggest and the longest of the shows that we do, and takes huge amounts of energy to keep up with. By the end I feel like a husk of my usual self. Empty of smiles, energy and enthusiasm. So I am stoking the fires now, to make sure that I am as glorious as possible.

We are nearly at the end of an extraordinary marathon: The Vegetarian Cooking DVDs are almost there! Oh, My God! Never again. Two years work. I really, truly had no idea when I had the epiphany. Does anyone know where an idea will take them? This has been huge. But they look amazing and wow, to get them out there will feel like such a monumental event. It needs a whole now look at how we promote, sell, advertise and distribute, so I am now turning my thoughts to new pastures for outlets, suppliers, shops and so on. All suggestions most welcome.

Lastly, I am organsising a wonderful friend, teacher and healer to come and teach a 4 hour workshop at my house on the 1st of June. It will be 4 hours of Sat Nam Rasayam. If you are interested, let me know as soon as possible as there are only 6 places. It will go onto the newsletter, but I know it will close quickly. SO this is an advance offer for all of those interested in expanding their talents as a healer, mystic and intuitive.