What did someone say?


I think it is a Buddhist saying, and I have quoted it before, but before you speak you should think:
Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?
Can you imagine? It would stop most of us in our tracks. But sometimes things are unkind, but true and necessary, and today my life is coloured by this reality.

I went home and cried for the first time in ages, yesterday. I cried all the way home, too, but today, until writing now, I have been a master of charm and self control. But some things have to be done and I did them. Brave and fearlessly I stepped up and took responsibility, and I continue to mourn the loss of “my self that had little or no responsibility”.

But it is a sunny day and I am practicing Loving the Hell. I am sure we all are whilst we live in this poverty heavy media frenzy. The newspapers, TV, radio and financial markets all feeding on our minds and later the carcasses. I am sure it is all a plot for the banks to accumulate massive amounts of property, but maybe I am misled…..

Hildreth Street is basking in the glory of Mary Queen of Shops having done her bit for Independent retailers in the guise of endlessly pushing huge High Street chains like Gap and French Connection. I wonder what the pay is for spending 10 minutes advertising big businesses on the BBC? I am certain it must be huge. But it draws crowds and we are grateful for all the help we can get in the face of Panorama and Primark.

Gosh, I can see that the Buddhist saying has gone right over my head!