Websites and techno-bunnies


A strange thing is happening. I thought I was quite a technical person. I could wire a stereo, set up a video machine, plug in a dvd player. But now, with this Devotion business, I have discovered an entirely new level of technology. Weblogs are only a part of it. There are Fly catchers, web squeezers and now the most tricky of all, the Adword.
Researching the Adword has been a trip! Just the advances made in how information is presented. The slide show has been replaced by an awesome learning curve with dinky little images and someone who sounds like Condolesa Rice taking one through hours and hours of mindless teaching. All for a teeny tiny advert on the right had side of a search result page on Google. It is quite something.
I had a meeting with an entrepreneurial young gentleman on Monday. He wants to increase the sales of my bodypainting DVD. He edited it and wants to pay me back all the money he owes me, (I know, it is the wrong way around, but true. He kept borrowing money whilst working for me. ) so he has decided that making portals and fly catchers and dealers and links and banners is the way forward. He was thrilled with his idea and really enthusiastic. It turns out he had just finished, the day before, a course with another young man who charged ¬£1500 for 40 people to sit and listen to the new thinking in “internet marketing”. Sadly he had slept through the whole Adwords part, so it was quite frustrating when we moved onto this topic.
I trawled the internet later and found a company who specialise in making and “managing” Adwords for a minimum of ¬£100 per month, plus the set up fee, so it is quite a business, and finding anyone who will actually discuss it sensibly has been a life challenge.
I have now found someone. I finally made contact with a human being who can discuss Adwords in a reasonable manner. Who does not mumble jargon or admit to knowing nothing. He seems kind, charming and genuinely open. I am thrilled. How delightful. We will meet on the email planet to discuss how to proceed with this incredibly important “thing”. This incey wincey little box that has taken the world by storm. I will be up there with “those who know”, I will have an Adword really soon. It is so thrilling.

I am off to meditate.