The first day of the rest of my life.


Time flies and I have not written for days. This is partly because of being fabulously busy, but also because I did not have much to say. I write now out of a feeling that I want to keep up the effort, not because I am bursting with news.
Writing weblog is an interesting experience in self-censorship. I cannot write about such a vast array of things that I feel and experience because they are not at all appropriate. I can write about other things, and consciously choose to, even though people may think they are inappropriate, but they are at least not too personal or revealing, even though some of the observations are highly inflammable. I have on occaision mentioned colleagues by name in my writing and am shocked to discover that they read the weblog, and then get upset. One person has not talked to me for months. At this point it seems they may never talk to me again. It is a powerful medium, the internet, and I spend ages, hours and energy trying to get my website found so that the business builds. I write one tiny line early one morning and pouf! a friendship ends.

This is the beginning of week three since we made an offer on the shop. Last week the suspense was awful. This week it is getting boring, but our commitment to the idea has not waned. I have got over the idea of having two shops for christmas, which could be said to be a relief. To try to get that happening now would verge on nightmarish. So we just carry on with the daily stuff and I jump a little when the phones ring, which they do a lot, in case this is the first day of the rest of my life. Sounds big, and by golly, it is huge. The changes that will come from this one moment of making an offer will alter so much.

We were at a huge show this week I was surprised how good it was. Absolutely heaving, and we were in a great location. It was good for my confidence, the way the clothes sold, as it is my first collection that I have designed, withthe help of the lovely Amanda, lounging in LA now, but the clothes were sucessful. Phew!