Weblog and jet lag


I have been trying to get to write weblog for the past week, having returned from India last Sunday. I have not had the time. Both the kids have had really bad jet lag and 4am was the getting up time for the first few days. This morning I thought I could get away with it, getting up at five, but no. I have spent ages lying on the floor cuddling and giggling with two happy babies. Well, not so much babies, but impy things.

India was great. Huge and smelly and very full. We had great fun, although the shopping was a bit big. Buying for a shop is very different to buying for a website. Sometimes the numbers were huge. Lots of deep breaths and trust in a higher power than ourselves. We shall see…..

It was White Tantric Yoga on Saturday. That was really good. Very sweet and soft. That includes the description of Sat Simran, the facilitator, who has been known to be quite far from sweet and soft. Business was good too.

Today is the big shutter descision day. I have entered the murky world of shopfronts. It is murky indeed. Banhams quoted £9500 for the shuttering and the other end is £2400. I am not going for the new quotes today and will decide from there. We cannot do anything until the shuttering is in place in terms of filling the shop. Such fun.