It is interesting how much one cannot say


I have noticed that web log has it’s own life, and after a period of time one, me, feels as though anything can be written about, but the opposite is true. Writing web log is a distinctly controlled writing experience, especially if one is feeling bruised, emotionally exhausted and in need of comfort.

Being in the throes of one or more of these classifications I find I must write trivia to avoid exposing too much of actual life reality to the world. It is interesting how constrained our lives have become.

I just had a visit from a Fire Safety Officer. The hoops, the rigmarole, the crap that we now have to accept on a daily basis is quite something. The painters, painting the outside of the shop, put a wet paint strip of plastic across the entrance to the shop saying that for health and safety reasons, no one could walk over the dustsheet they had put on the floor, in case that person tripped.

There is no point arguing. There is no resistance because it just creates hell. This cotton wool seems to be what the masses want and life now caters to the masses. Such fun.