We got through it


Is it may imagination or were we all dreading Christmas? There was a weight, a huge weight, inherent in the act of Christmas and it started weighing upon us all from early November. But we have got through it with flying colours, over the hurdles of the New Year and are now on the straight run into the year 2009.

It is a hard thing to admit, especially as a retailer, but I do not like Christmas. I never have. Without children I always ignored it and now as a mother and a retailer I am duty bound to expand fully into the insanity of it all. I have to say that I took all sign of it out of my Emporium within two days of it being finished. I have no need to wait for the three Kings.

I like the feeling of it being behind me. It leaves a wide open space for spring to emerge, the days to get longer and a whole New Year to move around inside. SO today I feel positive and optimistic. It will pass, it always does, but like the seasons, I know it will come around again and I am slowly and painfully learning to enjoy all that gets piled upon me because I do not want to look back at my life and realise that I was stressed for most of it and was always fine.

So If I think about resolutions they are: to smile more, to run harder, to relax as much a possible and to stay in the day as much as I can.

Have a great one.