Water Soluble


The Jaipur to Delhi Highway is water soluble, and being driven along it in a monsoon since 5am this morning was a trip.

Huge holes gouged out of the Tarmac with dark, mangled trucks littering the side of the road, their axels twisted and wheels sheared off by the sudden impact
Of a massive crater taken at high speed.

I have found a great way to deal with the stress of high speed journeys where it is easy to imagine that all drivers have a death wish; I do my favorite meditation, the one for the Neutral Mind. It is discrete and highly effective. It allows me to totally let go of any control over my current realty other than complete acceptance of what is currently happening.

So I can close my eyes and relax into total bliss. Every now and then my curiosity gets the better of me and I glimpse sodden monkeys sitting watching the traffic pass, dogs at the side of the road waiting to hurl themselves across to the other side the moment there is a gap in the relentless wall of trucks, damp, solitary figures standing tall and still under huge, dark umbrellas.

India has an extraordinary effect on me, every time. It is never the same experience, but a relentless unpeeling of all my assumptions about the way things are and how I think they should be. I am always set against myself and endlessly forced to reconsider my assumptions about me, other people, and the Universe. It is not usually a completely pleasant experience, but one I would never pass up.

On this trip I have spent a lot of time watching how my mind is not an ally. Watching how my thinking can descend into h’ll in an instant, and endlessly I have worked to stay the watcher rather than indulge the notion that my feelings have any reality behind them. It has been arduous and uphill but ultimately worthwhile.

So now I am half way to Delhi and the sun is about to shine.