Sausages and Pole Dancers


I was sold a stand at a show a few months ago and told there were lots of other exhibitors with “my kind of stuff” and that there was a special dedicated area, la did a.
I fell for it. I did. I booked myself into the Vitality Show at Olympia.

We were squeezed in between the pole dancers and the sausage cookers. It was such fun. 4 days of people walking past cramming what looked like huge burned willies in their mouths, not the least paying any attention to their souls or my shop.

Not entirely true. A few did stop, but it was quite a trip, and great to be back in the peace and stillness of the shop.

I did not hate the experience. Sometimes it can be truly awful. We did meet some wonderful people, and I learned a lot. About what? Selling, I suppose. We would have done really well with one product, piled high, really colourful and 3 for a fiver. That was the most that the majority of the audience could cope with. By the time they reached our stand, flung into the furthest reaches of the converted garage on the side of the main hall, they were mainly glazed over and looking really blankly, blinking slowly at the plethora of goods on our stand.