Bad au pair karma


As if going vegan was not enough, I am now looking at what is entailed in Raw Food.
Salads, yes of course, but it has become an extraordinary new movement where uncooked vegetables, fruits and nuts are made into unimaginable delights.
I read a book called Raw Food for Busy People. It had a picture of two people dashing off on a moped on the cover. The subtitle was Without Machines. Every recipe needed a machine and was shown with one in most of them. There were interesting things, but you need to be highly wealthy and extremely unbusy to live the raw food life. Everything has to be soaked, machined, grated and organic.
I then read, or tried to read a book called 12 steps to becoming raw. Having been in twelve-step recovery for many years this was intriguing. It did not live up to expectations. She seems to be obsessed with being as thin a possible, disagrees with food as an act of celebration and lives on a small bowl of salad a day. For her, a slip and total relapse is eating anything cooked, which she sees as a total abomination. That one is not for me. I have only just reached step 5 in the book but cannot persuade myself to continue.

The books were interesting, and some of the recipes I have tried were good, but I will not be going that route for a while at least. I wanted Baptiste to try it for a while to repair his live after the Hepatitis C, but without total support it is too much work.

We were due another Au pair yesterday. But she, too, is going home. I have bad au pair karma. I felt that taking her on was a knee jerk reaction anyway, so I am not too upset. I just have to bite the bullet and choose someone from a list of photographs. I don’t know what one uses as criteria. Their name? Their hair style? There is one with the surname Whacker. I don’t think so. There is a vegetarian French who I would like to meet just because I am fascinated by the idea that she has chosen that route in France. Sadly she is only 17. I think I have enough children. There is an Italian, but again, she is too young.

On a lighter note, literally, my tennis is improving. It is a great way of getting rid of frustrations, and the man who is teaching me does leap out of the way with such style that it has become rather fun trying to hit him with the ball occasionally. I feel OK about it. It has to be the down side of his profession and I am just helping him get better at avoiding the balls.
Louis is getting really good, and it is improving his confidence hugely. We have another lesson today (but not together).

I am still looking for £2.2 million. If anyone reading this would like to be involved in a dynamic project in South London please get in touch…….