Vegan askew


I like to keep in touch with where we are on the web log and I have not written about being vegan for a while now.
I slipped in India. As soon as I got there I was offered chai and just thought, “there is no way I can be vegan in India” So I was not. I don’t think it was particularly negative on my part, just realistic.
France was slightly different. The vegetarian options are so few and far between that to then stretch it to being vegan was just torture. The Soya milk there is truly disgusting and the tofu is hard. So there, too, we were not 100% vegan. Probably 70%. At the festival it got better. Closer to 100%.
Home now is full on and I have reached points where I really struggle with it.
I like the struggle. I like that it is not too easy. If it were easy everyone would do it, by going into and facing the issues I can learn more about it and this is where I am.
I am not enjoying right now. I have been told I am anaemic, and I have been reading awful reports about Soya in all its forms.
The two issues are making me seriously re-evaluate my choices about what we eat. I guess the heat of the summer made me eat very little and not really sensibly. I ate salads and fruit. Good, yes, but little or no protein or iron. I also have an over dependence on Soya in all it’s forms, but thinking of and trying to give it up are really hard. I have pulled back form having it at every meal, to having it in chai only. I cannot get around to giving up chai right now, it is too much, but I don’t know what else to use for the creamy milkiness. Almond milk at ¬£2.20 per litre curdles. Oat milk is gritty, suggestions are needed.

Otherwise I am now reading recipe books and looking at how to eat without using Soya as the protein. I know there are other sources, but I work, life is huge and tofu/Soya is easy. The children love it and it is quick. They are not vegan, so it is not so crucial for them, but at the same time what is not good for us……

I will come through it. It is a blip. I am dealing with the anaemia and feel better already, but finding easy ways to prepare wholesome meals in the speedy and frantic 21st century is challenging.