Unfulfilled weblog


Hopeless, hopeless. I have been so busy, sitting in my new shop, that I have not had a moment to write anything. And so much has happened. I can’t really think of what I have been doing exactly, but it has been a lot. Filing, labelling, tidying, dusting, re-arranging and then looking with wonder at this whole new life experience and thinking “How did I get here?”
Funny, the song was on the radio at the only point I listened to the radio in the last few years the other day. It really caught my attention because it is how I feel at the moment. As though I have been like an automaton; one foot in front of the other, step by step getting to this point. I walked downstairs in the shop yesterday and felt as though I had been doing it all my life. What does that mean? It is all quite surreal and Oh, so different.

I had a great visit from a lovely friend this morning, someone who has a good eye and knows about me and “these things”. She thought it all looked good. Phew! I must say… Phew.

I have a few issues with the world, otherwise, but nothing that cannot wait, so I will. But, I do want to point out that giving 4 wheel drives such a hard time makes no sense at all. They are now so devalued that there is no point selling ours, and we might as well just pay the extra road tax and be done with it. 4 wheel drives are the baddies and 18 meter busses are just dandy. I don’ t get it, but I guess I am not supposed to. There always has to be a baddie. Why is that? Like there always has to be something that we are scared of, both on a personal level and especially globally. So right now we should all be loves and switch off our computers at night. Great. But what about 18 meter busses and ugly street lights shining up into the world and no VAT on aviation fuel? To name but a few. I am avoiding Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa etc because it all gets too big and scary, but let the scientists say it is all oUR fault and some pointless act will make it all better. I don’t think so.