Trotting in Petty France


I had a day off yesterday. Ah, it was bliss. I confess to working in the morning, but I did not resist that reality at all, and from there headed off to Soho for Sushi and window licking.

It was a wonderful, bright, sunny day and a real pleasure to be out and doing exactly as I pleased within the confines of being in central London. I met up with people I needed to see, bought wonderful fabrics and ended up at Run and Become in Petty France.

It is a shop that sell running gear, but it is also more than that. It was started by Shri Chinmoy who proposed transcendance through running. He died about two years ago, but ran all his life and used it as a way to separate from the mind. The shop is great, in an alley off Victoria Street, and you can run in the shoes to see if they work and also for the staff to see how you run and from there, choose the right shoe for the style.

I turned up in heavy gold earrings, three necklaces, malas, bracelets, an 80 panel floor length skirt and a full size petticoat with a 6ft shawl.

I was asked to put on neutral shoes and show my running style. Charging up and down the alley, skirt hoiked over my arm and both hands trying to hold down breasts and jewellery was very funny.

I got to do it 4 times in all, to be able to choose an appropriate pair of trainers. Breathless, sparkly and laughing, I left to go and see Ben Stiller direct himself in Tropic Storm. The beginning was awful and I toyed with walking out, but suddenly it turned into a hilarious, witty film and I did not know until the very end, as the credits rolled, that Tom Cruise was the Producer character. Damme! He was fun. Awful, but fun. A real departure from his usual acting habits.