Hanging and other charming incidents


I am intrigued by the notion that Saddam Hussein should be hanged. I don’t disagree that he was naughty, bad, horrid and awful, but I would think there are other far worse punishments that would not make him into such a martyr, and I have the perfect one; Let him be gaurded for the rest of his life by the mothers of the men he killed. I don’t suggest that the mothers be forced to do this, only those willing, and they should not be allowed to dispense with him as that would be unfair to all the rest of the women lined up waiting for a chance. I suggest this not only for the sake of the mothers, but because for a Muslim male this would be one of the ultimate horrors, to be guarded by a woman. But the Americans have worked this one out. There was that real charmer, a female soldier who had been taking lessons from Tracy Ermine. The less said, the better.

Morbid and awful of me, I know, but I thought about the verdict a lot.

I could write so much about the hipocracy of world leaders, but I will refrain. I will only comment that I am constantly amazed that no one else seems to notice. Perhaps they do notice. Certainly the general public see, but no one does anything about it.
I loved the top secret list of presents that Cherie and Tony gave to George. If it is so top sectret how come we know. It does not bode well for any security issues we might be facing if they cannot keep the governments’ shopping list out of the limelight.
I am very cynical about the whole threat of terrorism. It is not because I subscribe to anyone elses theories. I don’t at all. I just refuse to believe it is all that they say it is. I think it is far more important to engender a constant fear in the general public. Keep us scared and worried about all manner of things out of our control and we will not see the sleight of hand taking place all around us. Also, most of us cannot bear the sensation of being uncomfortable in our emotional state so we look for ways to act out to stop the feelings. Shopping being one of the top on the list closely followed by smoking and drinking. All of which the governments rake off massive taxes. Call me a cynic, but it all seems rather transparent to me.

So the fun starts when you are a parent of children with all the innocence children are capable of. How do you teach them to see the transparency but still approach life with hope and possibility. It is tricky. Most of the time I keep my mouth shut, but there are moments that Louis knows he is being duped, but he chooses to go ahead anyway. The struggle with my own and other’s humanity is not to be discussed here. it would take too long.