Tomorrow in White


Tomorrow is White Tantric Yoga.
It is a big day in the Kundalini Yoga Calendar. We all get to expand ourselves hugely and with great results. It comes but once a year and a few hundred of us all meet, in white, and meditate all day.

In preparation for this and my looming trip to India my life has gone into high speed.

I know, I know, I say that it is fast quite often, but this is cosmic. I have run, literally run, most of today. At 7.45am I managed to persuade a bus driver to open the bus doors this morning in a huge traffic jam and I ran up Walwoth Road in the pouring rain. I know, it is a glamorous life being a retailer. From there I spent several hours crossing London and again, running from one place to the next.

I got cross in the MAC (computers, not make up) store and was immediately handed what I wanted for no cost at all. I did the decent thing, took it from the sales person and stepped away from the gleaming and very scary staircase and left the shop. Back out into the rain to run down Regent Street.

Since then my pace has been maintained. Until now, but I have to confess that I am writing standing up. We have guests for dinner, people coming to stay, people already staying and I have no idea how many we will be for supper.

Beds have to be made, supper, and children entertained.

Thank God for early morning Yoga. Even though I may object, and I do, to the tightening of the screw (how we dress, turbans, Sikhism etc) I love the discipline. I just am not sure of the new bolt-ons. But hey, tomorrow is another day..