Time flies as ever


It has been days since my last writing. I have been sleeping in. Very unlike me, but lovely. I managed to sleep until 8am the other day. I don’t think I have had that pleasure for years. But oddly I have no desire to go back to the late mornings. I get so much done that it is a vast ease on the rest of my time to sit, early in the morning, in the stillness and just hammer out all that needs bashing.

The DVD went well. I keep on dreaming that I am filming and wake up in the night, really thirsty, in the middle of shots of vegetables. If I am not dreaming about the food DVD then I am having strange dreams in the film industry. Lost in Hotels, trying to get to the airport, pretending to be a punk hanging off the wheels of a plane in flight. I can assure you that I make no effort what so ever to interpret my dreams. The most fun was the other night when I saw my stepfather lying in bed in a turban in a hotel room. In my dream of course, but he was so cross that I had seen him it was delightful. I took great pleasure in telling the story at lunch the other day.

I have instantly moved on to the next project. Of course I have. I lay in bed on saturday afternoon, supposedly having a nap, and thought about what to do next. I promise I did not linger for long, but none the less, I thought about it. I think another cooking DVD would be good, I have already organised the subject and am now reading up on it all, madly.

In between there is a yoga and shopping trip to India that we want to do. That is going to take some planning, but will be great fun. In january, I think. Not too hot, great Festival. But it needs a lot of advance preparation.