One of those days


I am madly trying to get stuff done today and being thwarted at every turn.
I wonder if it is karmic punishment for being naughty yesterday.
I was. Very.
I had fresh pasta with fresh pesto sauce and chocolate ice cream (separate) for lunch. I had cupcakes for tea, then cooked soup, bread, cheese, tofu and fabulous chocolates for supper.
It was delicious, but I think the Universe is dissppointed that I can really slip back so wholeheartedly into being an addict to food. I am somewhat shocked that my mental state was “I have started so I will finish”. Once an addict… and all that.

But today I am all wholesome and raw again. Phew.

Otherwise the day has seen a sucession of delights. Gilly, which is always a treat, but she was preceeded by the Fire Department and followed by two delightful students from Westminster College who wanted to interview me. I was delightful, but have to admit to an edge of resentment that they could need quite so much time on something I have not done for years. But hey. It is done and it is important for them.

I want a fully grown red climbing rose to be transplanted to the path in my garden. We went dinner last night and there was one there. I was jealous. In a noce way, but still coveted the rosebush. I have it in my head from somewhere that I cannot grow roses. I will immediatly get over this thought and start growing one as soon as possible. Hers was 30+ years old. I want instant gratification….