Thursday Morning.


4am. It is so great that the birds sing so early now. I noticed it for the first time a couple of days ago. It gets light earlier and the first blackbirds are singing at 3.30am. So I sit here in the dark listening to the potential in all the singiing and write blog. I wish it had a different name. It is such an ugly name, but hey. I wan tot know how people get to find it and read it. Instructions really are nto my forte, and I find it hard to imagine that I will read all the ones here. I am hoping that I will be told.
So finally getting into writing online like this is a big decision, but hopefully will rais ethe profile of the company, the site and the workshops.
I want to link the yoga site into this one completely now, so that devotion is an all emcompassing umbrella for the things that I do; the teaching and the shop.
I am trying to decide if I should just move SLY completely into devotion. So that on the opening page there would be two halves. one side would be the workshops and the teaching, the other would be the shop. It means changing the way the fromt page looks, but I think it could work.
I also want to make a logo. I need to find an illustrator to help me with this part, unless I really can sit down and do it myself. I do of course have an artist for a husband. perhaps I should start there? Ask him to do a line drawing of what I want……
The workshop half of the site would lead into class schedules, workshops, articles and biographies of the two of us. I think quite nice to go from the rich with into the southernlightyogasite. It certainly has a beautiful visual and would keep the distinction, also avoiding paying to design and entirly new site, just needing a couple mor pages added. perhaps more than a coupke, but nothing like a whole new site.

Mark, I have mainly written this for you to have a look….