Things are hotting up


Gosh, life has become ever so brisk and full despite the dire and awful predictions.

I feel as though the papers, the journalists, the media and all the Estate Agents in their ill fitting suits and pink ties have all got together and decided that we, the unknowing and unseeing general public needed a shake up and that after all the politics a little drama would sell more papers.

So here we are, at the early stages of doom, gloom, disaster and mayhem. How are we all doing? Fine, so far. I think too much information is not good for us and I have stopped reading the papers, taken up even harder yoga, meditation and deep breathing. It is going well and having a profound effect on all parts of my life experiences. Phew. It works….. Fun to know that I have not dedicated the last 10 years of my life to an illusion. Now all that needs doing is a little more smiling and laughing.

God, I miss laughing, and God, please take that as a message from me that there should be a bit more. Laughing, I mean.

We all play lots of games in the evening. The Steiner thing is against TV. As I write we are watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. Don’t say anything to the school, but sometimes it has to be done, but I digress. We do play a lot of games and the best, most mind bending and fun is a game called Snorta. Who ever invented it has a very odd mind, which I like, except when I am tired. But each time we play, wow, we laugh a lot.

It has to be done. There is nothing else but this life, and if we cannot find the good bits, what is the point?