There is so much one cannot say


Actually that is not true. One can say all manner of things, but does one need to, and is one prepared to face the
consequences? Interesting questions for these times.

I want to talk about coque waving alpha males. I use the word with the wrong spelling as there is so much censorship nowadays, and what with the swathe that facebook are cutting through the body painters of the world, one can imagine that the correct spelling could result in expulsion. Do I want to be expelled? No. I do not. I like facebook, and I really like the community of bodypainters and creatives that nest there. So I do not want to be expunged.

I heard about a minister this morning who was a noisy campaigner against pornography. He was caught consorting with prostitutes and lost his ministry.

Such wonderful prose for 5am on the radio. The words ministry, consorting and prostitute do not seem to figure in my ears very often. It was so evocative of rampant misbehaving.

I may seem to be digressing but it does bring me neatly back to coque waving alpha males. I seem to come across them somewhat too frequently for my taste. (Irresistible, sorry). And they do misbehave so badly. I found one screaming at me at 8am the other morning. All screwed up and red, his rage was totally uncontrollable. All I could do was waft my perfume past him as I said sorry and drove away leaving him feeling so fabulously fecund and proud of himself for having screamed at a woman quite so early in the morning.

But it left me with a nasty taste in my mouth. It made me think about how often I meet anger in the males around my life.
Now I could get all insecure and take personal responsibility, and those of you who know me could have a wry and knowing look on your face right now, but I do feel that there are certain males of the species who are close to exploding. I do not feel responsible at all, but how to deal with them on a daily basis without getting a sour after taste is proving challenging.