The yoga show


We are just emerging from a long weekend at the yoga show in Manchester. It was great. There is something about Manchester that I really like. The people are great, really open and friendly and interested in what is going on, who is there, what are the products, just open and friendly. Londoners can be so in need of being impressed all the time, that up north is a blast of fresh air and lovely buildings.

I am tired but happy. The new DVDs are being well received and I feel much more confident. They had a wonderful open class up there. A huge space where passers-by could stop and watch others taking a class. I really enjoyed teaching in such a huge space. It took me hours to come down again. Chanting in such magnificent acoustics was a rare treat.
There were a surprising number of men at the show and they were n9ot at all catered for. Next time I want to make men’s clothes more featured.

So we enjoyed ourselves and I am now quite good at driving a white van! A new skill. I felt thrilled with myself, reversing onto the Old Kent Road. New heights of being a businesswoman. And now really hard work. I am writing two cooking DVDs to be filmed next week and I am not on top of it and it is the school holidays. Arghhh! I feel so guilty taking the time out of my life to do this, but this must be what all mothers go through all the time. Why do I feel so special? At least their Dad is here, so they are painting and playing. I am thrilled by my son’s creativity. Such beautiful work pours out of him. Colourful skulls, dripping swords, pirates with curly moustaches. Really lovely. I hope it developes into a real talent. I would love him to be an artist. So much more than I would love him to be a dentist or a lawyer.