It was fun


I have spent the last four days in Olympia, at the Yoga Show, and it was great fun.
I think it is the best of all the shows I have done over the years and there was such a great atmosphere. I had excellent staff and we met so many great people. It was a total blast of energy, vitality and light.

By contrast, Erotica, which I slipped into on Friday night, was dark, sad and very un-erotic.

Now I am back in the shop sitting as still as I can. It was a hectic week last week and I am in need of very little movement to be able to renew my energy. Having had so much fun and laughter of the last few days does make for a very different type of tiredness, though. I am calm. At last! Weeks of preparation and shows is finally over and I am going to take my energy out of that process for the next few moths until the lovely Mind Body Spirit in May.

I have joined facebook. With a great whoosh, I have stepped into modern social conventions. I think I mentioned it before. My God, it takes up far too much time, rather like make up, it has to be done, but it should be as quickly as possible. I am being sent all manner of links, videos, gifts and pokes and cannot keep up. I need a day a week lying down with a computer to catch up on all the contacts, messages and information.

I have made a big decision in the light of recent weeks and all the energy expended; and that is that I am letting go of extraneous experiences and relaxing. I will not do things that do not interest me. I will also work to take life at a more relaxed pace. I do not need comment or encouragement in these choices, thank you, comments on how I run my life do irritate me excessively, but there is no point in moving on unless one can be comfortable and accepting of exactly where one is right now, or you just move on to again want to be elsewhere.

Thus, in the best yogic tradition, I am calm, unruffled and vibrating stillness. Long may it last!