Still waiting


I am still waiting to hear. I must say, it is good timimg, having watched some of The Secret before launching into this project. I am doing as they suggest. I have to confess to NOT having watched it all the way through, so I may be missing a key ingredient for sucess, but somehow I feel there is a lot of padding, and I get the jist. So I am testing their theories and perhaps testing myself at the same time. Arghhh. What if it is all my fault? If I cannot control my thoughts and a sliver of negativity escapes into the etheric realms and messes all up…..

Shop fittings. This is my new preoccupation. That and the signage. How to do the doors and all the rails. I find myself endlessly looking at shop fronts. Something I have never really done before. Where is the roller shutter. Do they have an awning. It the text cut out plastic, neon or metal…… Questions, questions, questions.

And the Surveyor is holding his cards close to his chest.

Once this shop happens, I have decided that the best way to get there is by cycling. There is no free parking nearby, so I iintend to cycle. Today is a cold and crispy day. beautifully sunny. A perfect cycling day. But do I find myself wanting to cycle to the meeting I have in the west end? No, I do not. It does not say much for my resolve, but then again I would have to change all my clothes for cycling and I do so love how I am dressed today. It may just have to be the bus. I can do my make up on the bus, read the book which is totally facinating me; Aghora. The left Hand of God.