The pit is draining off


Life feels sweeter today.
What has changed? I have no real idea, but the foul blackness has light falling all over it, and is receding. For how long, I have no idea, but it is a relief.

I go to India tomorrow for ten days of making clothes in extreme heat and humidity. The winter clothes. Heavy velvets and wools. I do enjoy it, I really do, and will do my best to stay as relaxed and positive as I can through the entire experience.

But I wish I could run. I wish I could run in India. I imagine it would be such a trip, jogging along the dusty highways at 5am, in all my fabric that wicks. I love the word wick. It means that the fabric pulls the sweat away form your body. How on earth it does that is a mystery that I am nowhere near solving, but it intrigues me, the technology of exercise. And then, at the end of a fabulous book on women’s running and all that goes with it, how to start, what shoes, what wicks, timers, heart monitors and scientific drinks, she ends by saying that running barefoot is the best. But coming back to India, maybe at Christmas I will try it, when it is cooler. Now I would be a damp pile by the side of the road in a moment. The heat, searing heat, and the humidity are huge. So I will leave my beautiful red shoes at home and do yoga instead.

I went to Essex yesterday. To a very beautiful garden filled with sculptures. I did not personally organise the outing. It was my 5 year old daughter’s first modeling job as a professional. She did well, so did I. Gosh, it was strange to be quite so far outside the circle of interest. My ego tried somersaults and subversive assaults upon me, but I stay true, as discrete as humanly possible for me, and kept quiet. So quiet that I eventually became the centre of attention as various bells went off in the photographer and the editors’ heads and they realized that they had seen me. But even then, I wanted to see if I could give Isadora the space and I did back right off and out to the edge again. Nice to know I can. Done that.

I have bought myself a great pair of ecological platform shoes that remind me of pattens from the 17th century. They are German shoes that have a hand carved sole that you sand off when it is dirty, and when the leather top wears out you, I, send the shoes back and they get a refurbish. Thrilling and fab. I am 6ft 2” in them and I love it!