The Middle Ages


So, here we are, tumbling rapidly into the next year of the New Millenium, and what are “we” about to do? Kill Saddam Hussein. Very sensible. Very grown up. Very 21st Century. Very “let’s not learn any lessons from previous experiences”.
I confess to be somewaht staggered by the notion that that is as good as it gets. Kill Him. Now.

I have been reading a lot of History. Particularly that period during the reign of Henry 8th and all that followed his break from Rome. The only difference I can see between then and now is that we have a bit of technology that the 17th Century did not have. They burned heretics. here, they get mass slaughtered by coward blowing themselves up because they want to shag in Heaven. What is different? What has changed?
I can see a Muslim State on it’s way. I think it will happen in France first, then the EEC will pass it as law for the whole of Europe. Oh joy. Instead of a choice of Turban or not it will be “to burqua or not to burqua”.
I cannot wait. I think I have gone off Religion totally. Let’s all be spiritual instead. No rules, just Birkenstocks and lots of incense.