The Longest Night


There has been so much written about the Dark Night of the Soul. I make no attempt to compete, but it seems that many of us are touching the places that we usually never venture alone, and last night could be seen as somewhat symbolic of this anguish; it was the longest night of the year. The time when our subconscious rules us for the most interminable time but we can touch the mud at the bottom and start the long slow climb up towards the light.

I certainly feel as though this is my current reality. I know there is still time left this year but it all gets folded up in Christmas. All of a sudden New Year is upon us and the feeling is one of being rushed headlong into a whole new experience. So it is a good thing to start reviewing the past 12 months now. To look behind and see what we climbed through, over, under and along.

I am conscious of a year of learning. From January 1st this year, all I have done is learn. Lessons, new ways of thinking, more about myself, more about other people, and a lot about money. It seems a pity that some of these extreme experiences could not have been foreseen but then none of us like to be warned, we all want to have our own experiences.

The most profound thing that we can all do to handle the current reality with aplomb is to take up a personal practice. Do something that brings you into your body, into your heart energy and your lungs, away from the drama and turmoil of the mind. If you are feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, fearful or unsure of yourself, start a practice that will ground and strengthen you. Yoga, Tai Chi, running, swimming, walking; these are just a few suggestions of types of practice that bring self esteem, strength to the nervous system and a feeling of positive energy. All of which can transform your experience of life at high speed.