The lack of news and how much filters through


My no news thing is going well, but it is interesting how much actually filters through despite all my attempts at avoidance. I know that there is something and children in Jersey but I really do not want or need to know more and start singing loudly as I dash to the radio to turn it off as the news opens it’s gory doors at 7am and the kids are sitting down to their breakfast.

I also had an amusing moment which passed without gratification; Channel 5 rang me to ask me if I would speak on the news today. It was weighty stuff all about cocaine addiction and the governments brilliant plans to help those less fortunate than their well behaved selves. The topic is deadly, literally, serious, but I did give a wry thought to the news now chasing me and of course I would not have been able to resist seeing how I did on TV so my blockage would have been broken. Very subtle, and how Channel 5 heard about the decision in the first place is a mystery. They must be watching my weblog….

It is interesting as a mother on many levels, attempting to instill values in a world in a tailspin. But more than anything to keep their information levels appropriate to their age. The news is hideous for children at any time, but especially in the car in the morning, even if it is the bland and idiotic Radio 2. I complained recently to the Advertising Standards Authority about an advert all over the busses for a film. It had a saw off head on it. It was really gross. Months later the ASA have arrived at the decision that although there were 56 complaints, several from children, as tfar as they were concerned it was fine. Great. I know, I know, why should children be protected form this stuff? Interesting question. When did it become OK for them not to be protected?

I was interviewed by a journalist yesterday who had read my weblog before coming to see me. She writes for a newspaper, and was intrigued as to why I would not want to know what was happening in the world, but also what I found I gain from the lack of news. Interesting times.