The Joy of making clothes


I am working hard at really enjoying making clothes. I do not know why I have to work at it, but it seems that I am not fabulous at enjoying this. I seem to excel at suffering, though, which is excessively dull and it is time to move on.

So to this end I have been making an effort to thoroughly enjoy the clothes that I make. And they are turning out to be a real pleasure. I spend hours refining the shapes with a tailor in India, but when they get back here, all wrapped in plastic I somehow do not feel that I can just take. So they lie and wait for customers. Patiently dangling on hangers until someone comes along, and with a slight intake of breath, lifts the hangar off the rail to devour the colour, fabric, style and shape. Once on, they are taken home to be made the owners own.

So I am now playing this game and have been tempted into wearing a delicious, very sexy, short A line top in black. Heads are turning, let me tell you, and at 48 that is a treat!

Otherwise it is raining. Oh, so lovely. But it is all so green. I will be running tomorrow in Battersea park at 6.30am then breakfast at Borough market. Anyone interested in a run and a good coffee, meet me at the top car park at 6.30am. (The one by the river.) Come rain or shine. But be warned, I am a beginner……