The End of 2016


It has been an “interesting year” and according to someone out there who collates statistics, the most used word was SURREAL….
I teach a lot of people each week in my yoga classes, in the workshops and trainings that I run, and in the mentoring groups: It is abundantly clear that it is a stressful time.  We are urged, relentlessly, to look outside of ourselves and to see the horrors of our time: Aleppo, Trump, swathes of prejudice and fear. In this looking outwards we are swept away from any real sense of agency. We have no ability to affect change. We are powerless and collapse in shame, feeling helpless and small.

Wind yourself inwards. Come away from the awful fear-mongering and instability that the media, both social and networks, want to generate. They play, endlessly with our addiction to pain and suffering, our “negativity bias”.

Wind yourself back into the here and now.  Today, look around you and put your hand out to someone in your vicinity. Maybe a neighbour, maybe someone on the bus, perhaps a friends child, maybe even your own immediate family.

In this close environment we can create huge change. We can be kind and open-hearted and in that instant, there is relief. We have an affect and we no longer feel out of control.

A 40 day meditation on tranquility: Put down your phone, turn off the news, limit social media and talk to people around you. Take 30 really slow, deep breaths a day.  Play with the Inner Smile, making each part of your body, limbs and organs, smile. Bow 108 times in gratitude and make a list of affirmations for yourself.

I have a workshop at triyoga in Chelsea on New Years Day. Lets move forward with a real sense of empowerment!