The drama of Now


Life is not kind at the moment, and I wish I could do something about it, personally, myself. I wish I had the power, the will, the where with all, to step up and make a big difference, but I do not think I do.

I am not being defeatist, negative or pathetic. Just recognising my limits and responsibilities.

I have learned long ago that life is very different for those who choose not to bear children. It is simpler, quicker, more open and the opportunities for selfishness are much more apparent. No judgement intended, just a version of my reality that can easily bring a great swathe of anger and rage.

I have friends who have taken the route of no children and they can do what they want, when they want. They could so easily set off on the Gandhi Trail, the Salt march or the March Against Cameras All Over the World, or whatever route, path or protest they choose, but with little people in tow, wanting 4 meals a day, play time, education, stories at night and large amounts of stability, it is not appropriate to head off into the realms of world change. Especially not as a woman.

So I sit and wish that someone would do something.

Watching the Age of Aquarius take hold, the systems breaking down, the rules changing, the social mores altering, I wonder when the revolution will really kick in. When will we stand up and demand the Financial Markets stop destroying us? When will we put a ceiling on how much money someone can make from other peoples’ money? When will rules about charity and generosity to others be looked at?

I feel that life has gradually become meaner and nastier since the Thatcher era, and now, naming and shaming, obscene wealth, celebrity culture and war seem just commonplace and acceptable. I do not like it and wish things would change, but I suppose there is a cowardice in waiting for others to do something. I just have so much on my plate and have promised not to take anything else on at the moment.
World Peace is quite a commitment…. Anyone out there without a family, interested in World Change, who would like some emotional support?