The delights of New York


I am sitting in Starbucks. I promise it would not be by usual choice of cafe, but they have one on every block, so a good cup of green tea and have internet access.
It is a lovely morning. All the tops of the skysrapers are hidden in the mists, there are puddles everywhere and countless divine children in wellies and little umbrellas all scurrying to school.
The amount of people on the streets is great. All walking with such purpose. Dogs all over the place on very glamorous leads and I can see the top of central park across the road. I feel very spoilt.

I am a vastly improved person after good food and sleep, although it was a real case of mind over matter to get to sleep last night. I went to bed at the time I usually get up! I lay on a smelly, uncomfortable sofa bed with a pile of clothes on top of me to keep me warm, repeating endlessly ” I sleep really easily” Finally I did, and woke at 6am. So I am back into a normal routine of sorts.
I found a great health food shop on the next block, all organic vegetables and my favourite vitamin powder. i am shocked that I can buy it here for 1/3 the price I pay in pay in London. I am trying to work out how to take cannisters of it back with me.

Coming to the vegan thing. I notice I am not swolen by the flight as I usually am. I have no bloated feet of fingers. I feel good, better than usual on the next day after flying. But I went to the Columbus Street Bakery for breakfast. I was there each morning last year, and of course, now I choose not to do dairy, it was inedible. My choice was so limited as to make it a really sad experience. As I have now found a close health food store I will make my own breakfast as I have it in London. At least that way I need worry less about how I eat in the day, and then there is the 5 star Japanese over the road and they do take away! I might even get some work done. That would be a pretty wild change. Usually it is such a delight to be still that I don’t get much sensible stuff done at all.

I need to put it down that I would love to live here. It has such a great energy. Flying in and then drive towards Manhattan is just so wild. The sense of it being an island is so brought to the front by flying in to land over beaches, then seeing the crazy size of the buildings in front of me as we drove into the city, then walking around and being aware of how full it is. There are huge food shops on almost every block because there are so many poeple. But there is also a real sense of how desperately terrifying it must have been when the Twin Towers were hit. A really apocalyptic event.