The 3 Laws of Prosperity


My mind is a tricky, wily, mean and unforgiving thing that ought never to be left on it’s own. Over the past year I have had to dig very deeply into my personal armoury of tools that I have accumulated on this journey and I have to say that I really have found that a lot of them really do work.

A good one for now is:
Nothing is Personal.
This is a great approach to the current ribbons of relentless stress that we are all being tossed upon. If I do not take it personally it is so much less painful. Inhaling a long, slow, deep breath, I brace my shoulders, straighten my back and carry on with the tasks ahead of me and I am fine.

My current new experience, (and I must confess that as an addict I need lots of new experiences (recovery notwithstanding), is to work with Yogi Bhajan’s 3 Laws of Prosperity.

The 3 laws are:

Always be kind
Never speak ill of anyone
Never speak ill of yourself.

Now you may laugh at this and say that this is how you move through life on a daily basis but I have to confess that I do not. I would like to, I aspire to, and I am now profoundly challenged by having taken this on as my new ride. I am somewhat shocked by how easy it is to diss another, to pass judgement and comment upon politicians, family, friends, children and dogs. I also have to watch the deeply ingrained thing of being rather Catholic about it all and saying sorry after the fact rather than putting the brakes on and not misbehaving at all. I have discovered myself allowing some drastically witty comment to dive from my lips and then like a stripper hiding behind a fan I lift my hand to my mouth, raise my eyebrows and gasp Oh, No, how horrid! I should never have said that! But it is out, curling around the ethers and floating through the other, unable to be pulled back and removed from the Akashic Records. Forever stamped upon my celestial records.

So it is hard to stop. But there, it is out in the open, my latest thing, and I will now have to step up and behave better.

I remember doing 40 days of only saying and thinking positive things. Not dissimilar, perhaps, but it was fine. I went over 40 days because I was on a roll and by about day 57 I was spitting poison all around me. It was funny, but not very “spiritual”.

I had a conversation with a couple of people at my party the other night. One was a journalist asking what I wrote about on my weblog and who on earth would bother to read it. I answered that it was about being sober, a mother, trying to move forward on my journey and the humanity I encounter within myself along the way and that I tried to be present.

Pleasant? He asked, surprised.
No, not pleasant, I am not brilliant at that. Present.
He turned away and started talking to someone else.

But to digress totally I am embarking an yet another new experience today: A am learning Burlesque Stripping. Nine weeks and I will be able to say that I can. Stripping and an NVQ in customer Service. I can see a new career opportunity knocking somewhere here….. The endless resourcefulness of living through a recession.