It’s thursday


I have taken the morning off. I am not doing yoga. My body needs a break and a relax.
I have started taking tennis lessons. A friend has been pushing me to play for months and I kept refusing, saying that I could not, and that as a child I only used to play to annoy other people. Get assigned someone at school that I did not like or who disliked me and then trash their game because mine was so bad. I can see where my daughter gets her charm from. (She sat on my stomach last night and sweetly told me she was angelic and had been brought up by fairies.)
So having reached that age where one finally has to do more than be clean, sober, non smoking, yogic and vegan I have decided to take real exercise before my waist expands to meet the approaching menopause.
Tennis struck me because it is sociable, free, (there are courts all around here in the parks), and requires effort and the ability to vent frustration by the hitting of the ball.
I will have lesson three today. It took two lessons to decide if I was right or left handed. I write with my left and it seems I play tennis with my right. This lack of awareness during my adolescence could explain my appalling tennis but little else.
Louis is also having tennis lessons. He is much better than me. It is great to watch him. He has nothing to unlearn. He just soaks it up and does it.
I have no email at the moment. It is interesting. The computer is quiet. Oh so quiet, but I know it is all backing up in some warehouse somewhere and will be unleashed later in a torrent of things that have to be attended to immediately. I will enjoy the calm and get on with things other than the global addiction to the mailbox.