The best way to make Tea

Chai For 4.
(I use cows milk for this, although you could use any milk substitute, but with soya, be aware of the milk splitting with the heat. )
1 pint of milk in a saucepan with 3 cardamon seeds, a 2 inch stick of cinnamon, a couple of slices of ginger, crushed with a heavy knife, and two regular teabags.

If you want the tea less milky, adjust with water. Bring all to the boil and keep stirring. Watch the colour coming through until you it is a strength that you like. Add sugar to taste, stir again and strain from a good height straight into the glasses so you get the little bubbles on top. Absolutely delicious!

Mint tea for 4.
Good mint tea is quick and simple to make. If you live in a big town try the Greek or Cypriot shops, they always have it far cheaper than the supermarkets and may also have the gunpowder tea.

1.5 pints of water, boiling.
A bunch of fresh mint and either green Guricha tea or gunpowder tea or 1 teabag of everyday tea.
Sugar to taste.

Put half the bunch of mint (assuming you will end up with about 10 stalks of mint) into the pot, leaves down stalks at the top. Add the tea and sugar if needed. Pour over the boiling water. Wait a minute then stir and pour from a good height into the glasses. It is refreshing and cooling and tastes completely different to dried mint in the herbal teabags. I find one cup is never enough.