Supervision for Kundalini Teachers


The dates are set for this project. The first session will begin at the end of September. 4 modules of supervision for Kundalini yoga teachers will take place this side of Christmas.

The dates are: September 29th, October 27th, November 24th and December 22nd. Timings 3-5pm Location in person 66a Flood Street. Chelsea. SW3 5TE.

Location if via internet, Zoom. You will need to download Zoom to participate. If you cannot make the day and time then each session will be loaded up on to Vimeo.

The sessions are £100 for the 4 and you can pay using the Paypal button below


I have been teaching Kundalini yoga for 20 years now. I am a teacher and trainer and very happy to be teaching an amazing technology that creates huge shifts in students. My own personal reality is that I have not yet “reached the edges” of my kundalini experiences. It continues to fascinate me, engage me and surprise me. I am comfortable on my journey, and in my personal spiritual practice including when it gets rough, uneven, bruised and uncertain. I have met many dark times in working out who am I, what do I want to say, what do I believe, do I need to be “good”, do I need to conform, can I continue stay within the fold despite my stance, and what do I do to carry myself on the bad days, weeks and months that inevitably accompany my life as a human. I enjoy the evisceration of myself as I emerge after the weeks or months of specific reflection, renewed, with a different vision, clearer and ready to pick up the standard again.

I now open the enrolment to join a monthly supervision group. The group is open to teachers from all over the world, all within the discipline of Kundalini Yoga. You need to be a qualified Kundalini yoga teacher to participate. I am a qualified supervisor in the helping professions and have chosen the word Supervision because it is how I am trained and it is an empowering place, to be supervised. It is a multi-faceted experience of support, over-view, learning, teaching and also a space to explore problems, issues and negative experiences. It also allows for a deep experience of intimacy.

If you choose to join, you will commit to the group financially, whether you are available or not to participate in certain months. The cost of joining will be £100 for the first four sessions. This money will go towards creating a website to support the supervision process, to post workshops and events, and for the supervision series to be available to refer back to as a catalogue: If you are unable to join a session you can catch it later. We will meet in person and on Zoom, for 2 hours a month in the one session. You will need to download Zoom to be able to join in each session. Each session will be available to members of the group via Vimeo. If you are interested in joining this group: then please email me  The plan is that this group will begin to meet in late September.