What next


I am struggling with getting into the swing of things here.
I had not realised how much stress I had let go of whilst away, even though it did not feel that relaxing, I was not stressed. I notice now that I have been getting overwhelmed by all that is going on.
It is not helped by trying to work whilst also being the mother of two small children, without cleaner or au pair, cooking all the meals and tidying up.
I am not doing it all alone, I do have a husband, but our priorities are different…..

We are building up to doing another set of DVDs. Four more. Big topics, lots of research, but the most fun is trying out the yoga sets and the meditations each morning. I have a huge stack of them that we are working our way through. Today’s was good. I feel all of my body and my mind is clearer. Yoga is a great tool, and it is so easy to forget to use it, just to do the meditations and the jap, but actually sitting and going through all the motions really does clear things out of the way. I hope to maintain my overview as I go through the day, and not get so wound up!

Does anyone have 2.1million they would like to invest? We have found a nice place in Clapham that would work so well on so many levels, but have not got the finances. We still end up dreaming of new locations, new ideas, change. Forever wanting change. I am trying to want what I have got. I feel that when I finally, totally, truly, madly and deeply want what I have got, then we will be released and allowed to move elsewhere. Where is elsewhere? I have no idea. I have wanted to be in so many other places over the years that I have no clear idea. It really is just wanting change. I am sure that once I get there I will want to be in another elsewhere. I think that is the nature of being an addict. Nothing is ever enough. Always wanting more and different.

I was 15 years clean and sober last week. That was wild. It felt so long. But as they always say, it is only as far away as the length of your arm.