Stress & Anxiety or Pranayama September 2017


Imagine if you sat for 5 minutes, chose a pranayama and in those few short minutes completely changed how you felt within your body, within your consciousness. Think about being able to enhance your sense of soul-connection just by sitting and manipulating your breath.

Pranayama is using the power of the breath. A force so potent. A direct route to the wonderlands of your consciousness. The deepest soul-connection. Peace, stillness, now, centred.

There are only wondrous words to describe how wonderful it is as a practice. You sit as though you are about to swirl in the heavens with your Divine Beloved, usually in easy pose, spine straight, and just allow the breath manipulation to alter your sense of yourself, completely. In this act of humility and stillness you take yourself back to you. The discovery is that you, not this external maya or illusory existence, can alter how you feel.

An easy 23 minutes from Victoria or London Bridge stations, this workshop takes place at Carolyn’s house in Sanderstead, London CR2 0HA

9.30-5.30pm each day, breakfast at 8:45am each morning.

Vegetarian lunch is included.Please bring a yoga mat, small pillow, shawl for the relaxation and if you have any special dietary issues – bring whatever you need.

£250 for the weekend. Maximum 16 participants.