Stillness in a high speed whirl…


Things do not get simpler, what can change is how we deal with life, how we accept what is happening, how we process it all and how impersonal we can make it.

This last part may need clarity: We take things personally, we get upset and stressed. But most of what happens is not personally directed at us as a punishment, it is just life, it is just how things are, what is… resistance changes nothing and in fact can make it all a whole lot more unmanageable and painful both physically and emotionally. As the fabulous Stephen Levin says: “Hell is your resistance”. A sentence that I spent two years meditating upon.

An interesting way of sitting with this as a possible attitude to your reality is to stand still. Calm and peaceful.
(I find it easier outside as I feel as though I am more a part of the madness when I am outside of my calm and beautiful house and aware of the speed with which life screams past.)
Look at your feet and then take your attention up your instep, into your ankles, through the shins, knees and thigh muscles. Follow the energy up through the hips and into the main torso.
Around the centre of the chest is where the Soul is said to reside in the body.
Let your attention sit here for a while, becoming calm and still, open-hearted and present. Aware of sounds, sensations, perfumes and the pieces that want to pull you away from the present moment, but stay with yourself.
From this still and perfect place look out and let your self see life roaring past, fast, noisy, high speed and determined. But become conscious that you can stand there and refuse to attach yourself to any part of it. You can stand still, ware and awake, and let life and the dramas, stories, pain and intensity of it all fly past you without having to grab onto any part of it.
This awareness can be rather startling if it is your first time with it, but just keep breathing and take stock, take a distance and see that your need to attach to the dramas and grab them into you is what creates the dramas and pains that you are ultimately, endlessly trying to escape from.

Take a deep breath. Feel your feet and relax. But as you walk back into your life be aware that you attach yourself, nothing else does it for you.