Starting to change


Starting to run

If you want to change your current reality there are many ways.
The first requirement is to be willing to let go of how you move through life on a daily basis: Are you a victim? Experiencing depression? Attached to drama? Loathe your figure? Love intensity? Resort to anger very fast, control others, gosh, the list of all that could be stopping you moving forward can be long.

The trick or key is to have arrived at a point where your way of being in this reality is not serving you and you can see it.

When you arrive at this point there are several options. Therapy, yoga, meditation, abstinence, running and so on. You could look at the list and wonder why any one of the options is there and it can also seem a rather odd list of options but each one has profound consequences upon us as individuals, forces us to alter our perceptions of our reality and all can bring a sense of peace, acceptance, self-esteem and hope. There is no order to the list of options but none are easy. Each one requires that we reach a place where we are forced to change.

Personally I use all of them and find they have made a vast difference to my sense of self, my projection and my daily experiences.

I have written a lot about yoga and meditation over the years and will continue to do so. I have been in and out of therapy since 1991 and use it when I cannot see the small door in the very large wall that I have hit at times. It is a profoundly personal experience and very much shaped by the strength and wisdom of the chosen therapist. Abstinence; An interesting topic. It seems to be less and less in vogue as we tumble into the abyss of self, but saying no to the various way in which each of us personally numbs our feelings and fears is a great way to discover who we really are, what we do dread, where our dysfunction lives within us.

Running, especially without brain-drowning music thundering in the ears, is a way to move beyond all the restrictions we put upon ourselves as human beings.

It is a topic that polarises everyone. There are thousands of myths about how bad it is and how it should be done. Many loathe it, but if it works for you it is a divine and wonderful tool bringing relief from so much of the human condition including depression, fear, anger but also inducing better physical function, and armfuls of positive effects upon the metabolism, immune system and physical form. There are some excellent books and a magazine called Runners World that is the only thing I subscribe to. All the books and magazine help to overcome the mind’s desire to make sure we individually feel discouraged and incapable. Good shoes, and if female a good sports bra are the only two essentials followed by nine weeks to build up your stamina to the point where you can run for 18 minutes non stop.

I have a fabulous running program building up over nine weeks from a one minute run. If you would like me to email it to you then just add your request in the comments section along with your email address. It will not format to fit on the page.

Days can of course be changed to suit but you should try to do three times a week with a rest in between.

If you don’t feel ready to move up to the next week’s schedule, repeat the previous week’s and if by week 7 you don’t feel able to run 20 minutes without stopping, don’t worry. Give yourself a little longer to reach this goal.

The art with all of these possibilities is to take it gently, encourage yourself and be patient.
Good luck!