Irony and raw food


It seems that my irony may not have been noticed. My last log had a certain amount of it embedded within, and the comments show that I was being taken seriously. Ha! I must be careful.

Otherwise, the Raw Life is somewhat Diviine. I am surprised. Not only has my figure recaptured some of it’s former glory, but all manner of other issues have been laid to rest. Obviously only for as long as I can remain raw eating, but I am intrigued by the connection between addictive eating and cooked carbohydrates. I suppose looking at this in the great scheme of things would be a somewhat major step for science, supermarket and Starbucks, but for the first time in my life I am not craving food, sugar, bread, biscuits, the list is long. The change in how I feel is extraordinary. I suppose the thing now is to keep going and see what happens. It has been a few weeks now and only really a week of being 100% raw apart from the occaisional piece of 85% chocolate which has been interesting in it’s effect on me. I have ended up feeling really high and stressed and am not doing that any more.

Baptiste and I got up early this morning and made 9 trays of raw crackers and some gazpacho for lunch. This was followed by preparing the raw morning juice and the raw breakfast. It was all vibrant and fabulous. And thank God for expensive kitchen equipment!