In the Now


It has been a challenging few days for several reasons, all of which I do not do on weblog, but what is important is the learning curve.
Yogi Bhajan said, in his 5 sutras of the Aquarian Age: Nothing is Personal.

It is an interesting statement and really easy to nod at, but the ego refuses to absorb it. At least mine has resisted for 47 years. I am now really working toward Now. There is nothing but now and nothing is personally directed towards me.

There are, as usual, several irritating issues. One, which does not generate fear, just frustration, is the new thing that there is no problem with Air Miles now. We can Air Mile food all we like because some clever journalist, trying to get brownie points by saving it’s paper from having to endlessly write about Iraq, has decided that at least if food is flown from Africa or New Zealand it was grown in Sunlight. Oh, yes, silly us. Why support local farmers when it can all be picked by people with dark skins in sunny climes and we don’t have to use electricity to grow it.

It makes me cross. It does. I know it should not, but it does. It is all crap. The whole food thing is destroying the planet. Everyone is getting fatter and fatter. The number of puss cells in cow’s milk has reached staggering levels and we are, as a Nation, all flabbing out in Starbucks and happily chomping down on crap because they have cleverly labelled it as a treat. Fabulous. And here I am spoiling the treat and the carb rush and the sugar hit and the numbing out……. Any thing not to feel the sensation of Now.

On the other hand, and more relative in some ways to the Now, is the issue of the next world war that America and Putin think is a really good idea.

I am bored of being scared. I am bored of the mind projections that I can make into the spectre of the third world war. I have peaked. I refuse even to give it the capitals it should have. So Now is all there is. The Now is perfect. Totally wonderful. And I am going to bask in the now instead of lounging in the netherworld of Starbucks, Caf?© Nero, Mac Donalds‚Ķ

Oh God, the list is so long.