Stand up and be counted


There are two strands today. One is the thought processes after I wrote yesterday, and the awareness that I could be read as being extremely arrogant in thinking that I could make a difference. I have no issue with what others think about what I can or cannot do, and happily the only weblog comment was wonderful in response to my thinking on the ethers, but what I am really clear about is that it only takes one person to stand up and really be counted. Obviously now, one would need excellent media connections, but one person saying what needs to be said, at the right time, not wearing sunglasses or carrying a guitar, and so much could change.

What about a Financial Services Regulator? Why don’t one of those boys (I imagine they are all boys) stand up and say Enough! Orwho? Mothers. All of us woman bringing our children into this mean world. Is it really up to us? It is looking increasingly like it may be.

I do not need an instant fix after the text of yesterday, but Oh God, it has been stretching out for such a long time. It has been dawning for years. Didn’t we all see it coming?

The other strand is a little bit more controversial. How many people protesting against China are wearing clothes made there? Nipping off to the High Street for a Primark Bargain, then loping off to their weblog or their protest on the street knickered by China? What about Gap, M&S, pretty much all the High Street brands are made in China and increasingly all the “smart” stuff, too. If you really want to stop China then stop buying products made in China, and it is not just clothes, I promise. Toy! Argh. Toys by the millions. Games. The list is long. Computers. Please join me here. What else? This is how to make China stumble, not waving banners and getting arrested. Gucci and Louis Vitton, all being churned out in that horrible, mean place that has risen above Bush in the Bad Person rankings. If you are so cross, then burn your underwear, your computer, your little handbag with LV stamped all over it. That’s what I think.

I wait with baited breath to see how many people read my weblog. Little fires all over the Kingdom as the Anti China protest changes course. I will keep you posted….