Etheric traffic


Continuing on the theme of spirits,
It seems that many identify with the need to fall asleep listening to music, and that any sound in the environment pulls a thread of listening from us.

I recently went to talk to someone about how much I was dreading being in the house in France with this ability. Previous experiences there had shown me that it was not relaxing and I needed a holiday. I explained that I was able to listen to sounds so hard and so far away plus that any spirits seems to gravitate my way or I was in their path through the house and I wanted it to be different, my reaction to the experience.
I was taken through a visualisation where I pulled the energy from my hands and feet into the centre of my body. I had to ground it in the crimson of my pelvis, in the sacrum. I had to really come deeply into my body. The experience was fairly intense, and I worked hard at it because I was absolutely willing to let go of the attachment to the problem.
After a few minutes the person taking me through the visualisation decided it was enough and start to pull me back. At this point I knew I was nowhere near ready. I had begun to work on the ethers, on the energies around me, not just in my physical body and I could actually feel tentacles of attention and awareness spreading far, far out from me. The consciousness of it was quite startling and the effort of pulling it all in, quite intense. It took time to feel it all gathering inside.
I was amazed at how far out of my body I had become. It was an interesting feeling to be so far and to know it.
During the time in the house in France I worked with the imagery all the time.
With every sound in the night I fought the desire to throw my attention towards it. I pulled myself the other way and curled the energy deep inside me. Little by little it has settled. Since July I have not journeyed in this way. I thought it was a major part of my psychic talents, but other abilities have risen since then and I have no sense of loss. I sleep better, more deeply, and can choose to engage with the passing etheric traffic or not.