Easier but exhilarating times


Things are getting easier. They are. I find I am less tired and getting used to the long days away from home, returning to full-on kids at the end of the day and being better able to be present, fun and calm.

I love the shop, and really do enjoy the endless interations with all manner of different people, with manifold different needs, responses and likes. I am learning a lot about patience, humour, charm and karma.

We have a spirit in the shop. I was interviewed recently by Spirit and Destiny magazine and they asked if I had had any strange things happening. At the time I was not clear about what was going on and could not really say, but subsequently we have identified a young woman who is rather mischeivous. She likes to whirl around and close the doors on the Altar Frames. I thought that putting them into glass cabinets might have stopped her, but no, even in glass fronts, the doors of these pretty little frames are regularly closed. There is a bit more, but suffice to say that it is time to see if she is ready to move on.

I have to go back to India soon, to oversee the winter clothes again. I am not always getting what I want and ask for and withthe sucess of the shop it is important to be really clear about sizes. I have already had to order more Brigitte Singh clothes, which is so great. Her clothes take a while to get used to, but once you fall in love it is a life long affair. Tread carefully, or like me, there will be meters of her clothes adorning the rails of your wardrobe.

I think my next ambition is going to be to have a shop in the centre of town, say Belgravia. I think that would be a trip. I just need to find a backer. Or do I? How else? My mind turns and looks at all manner of options. I know it will happen in it’s own time, but my ideal, is to open a shop, yoga studio and cafe all together in a strip of three shops. Suggestions as to how to do that, longed for.