Writing in bed


I am writing in bed. I have a sleeping child on either side of me and am not free to move. It is an interesting and cramped place to write from, but I feel that weblog must be done, I am addicted to my computer and have not used it for a few days so am behind on emails and all the other daily delights that develop through high internet use.

The show was good. Today was great. Lots of people, including some great talkers and a few real eccentrics. It was worth the effort.

I am having to go back to extreme measures in my diet and it has been a few days now, probably two weeks, that I have been vegan and close to five weeks with no soya at all. I know it sounds so extreme, but for a change it is not as an experiment. I really have had to stop. I suppose I had a rock bottom in India with the dairy and having an ear infection which is still going on and has rendered me almost deaf in one ear with roaring tinnitus at the same time, but I also realised that I have been having a very allergic reaction to soya for a while and only in India, totally soy free, could I realise what it was that had stopped and why. My regime is very different and I feel so much better. Last time I was vegan the soy levels went sky high. This time, because of the ear thing and the awful reaction to anything with soya in, having let go of ti all, I feel great. The trouble is, it makes going out remarkably challenging. So I am being a bit more relaxed on the dairy side but have now decided to take the children off soya too. It will make lots of things harder, but I cannot be good. I know it is not good in the quantities that one comes to depend on these foods. Princess Isadora will have to adapt, just as I have done. But interestingly it has not been hard, although I know there is nothing as stimulating for change as desperation, and I really reached that place. The biggest surprise is that I like black tea. Totally unexpected.